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Data on a Touch Pad

Deepen Customer Relationships With Data Enrichment Tools

In today’s omni-channel world, it can be difficult for financial institutions to connect with customers without using digital engagement to build awareness and establish trust. As consumers become more reliant on digital devices to receive information, access services and complete sales transactions, it’s more important than ever for banks and other financial institutions to create a digital environment of rich communication and interactions tailored for each individual customer to increase satisfaction and meet business goals. However, connecting on a personal level with customers can be time-consuming and difficult to manage—that’s where TruVise comes in.

TruVise’s automated algorithms use your customer data to uncover marketing insights and analytics to connect with customers and build brand appreciation and customer loyalty. As our platform collects your user data, TruVise is able to use artificial intelligence, machine learning and our proprietary enrichment processes to find ways to strengthen customer relationships and build brand appreciation. Through our secure processes, you can focus on driving business and connecting with customers without additional infrastructure.

Gather Customer Data To Uncover Unique Marketing Insights & Analytics

Our proprietary digital insurance platform securely collects your customer data and enriches it with third-party data using safe, secure data encryption processes to identify customers with a certain propensity to engage with your brand and purchase financial service products. With our proprietary algorithms, your customer’s information is protected as our automated solution works to build brand loyalty and grow your customer relationships. Our strict data security measures ensure your customer’s data will be protected and your company’s reputation unharmed:

  • TruVise is FDIC, NAIC and GLBA compliant

  • No use of auto dialers or data selling

  • Secure network host providing data encryption in transit & at rest

Enrich Customer Journey Analysis Using Dynamic Artificial Intelligence

The TruVise process uses AI processes to enrich customer data in order to gain insights into their propensity to engage with your brand and convert into loyal customers through personalized marketing touch points. Because customers exist in all stages of the purchase funnel, TruVise helps deliver the right marketing efforts to customers at the right stage in their journey. Our goal is to automate the process of segmenting your data to deliver an individualized marketing approach and enhance the customer journey.

Ensure Continual Growth & Learning With Machine Learning Algorithms

As the customer journey continues and brand loyalty begins to grow, TruVise’s algorithms are continually learning from previous findings and growing to ensure the best possible recommendations for your customers. With our proprietary machine learning processes, user data is continually cycled back through to ensure your results are always up-to-date and improving based on how your customers interact with your brand.

Gain Key Marketing Insights With TruVise’s Data Enrichment Tools

The TruVise platform allows you to enhance your customer analysis with our AI & machine learning data enrichment to uncover insights and grow your brand. Find out how to use your customer data to its full potential by filling out our contact form today.

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