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How TruVise Works: Customer Data Enrichment With Actionable Marketing Insights & Campaigns

In the evolving digital landscape, financial organizations and insurance providers have access to new, exciting opportunities to deliver insurance products and continue building customer relationships. TruVise helps financial organizations and affinity groups introduce insurance offerings into their existing customer journeys to improve brand appreciation, consumer intelligence, and increase new revenue opportunities. With TruVise’s platform, financial organizations can embed insurance cross-sell opportunities and grow customer relationships without adding stress to existing infrastructure.

Collect Customer Data Analytics Using Safe & Secure Data Encryption

The TruVise platform securely ingests and analyzes your current customer data and enriches it to identify customers who have a high propensity to purchase specific insurance products. Using our proprietary algorithms, we are able to market to these individuals while protecting your customer’s information and ensuring safe, secure data communication. With TruVise, you can trust that your customer’s data will be protected and your company’s reputation unharmed.

How Is Customer Data Protected?

TruVise is FDIC, NAIC and GLBA compliant to protect your customer’s information and your reputation. We do not use auto dialers or sell data, and our secure network host allows for an extra layer of security by providing data encryption in transit and at rest, allowing for safe and secure data communication at every step in the process.

Enhance Customer Analysis With AI & Machine Learning Data Enrichment

Once we collect your customer data, our proprietary algorithms begin matching and segmenting customers with a certain propensity to purchase specific insurance products. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning processes, we are able to curate product recommendations for consumers at all stages in the buying journey. As the customer journey continues, our algorithms are continually learning and growing as the collected data cycles back into our proprietary propensity model to ensure results are always up to date.

Deliver Product & Service Recommendations Through Marketing Campaigns

With our full suite of life, annuity, auto, homeowners and other retail insurance products, TruVise uses your customer propensity data to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to easily connect shoppers to the right products that meet their needs. With our automated suite of marketing solutions, TruVise does the work to nurture customers through their journey utilizing multiple touchpoints and personalized recommendations. Our automated marketing campaigns allow you to follow customers through their buying journey without taking time out of your day.

Robust Marketing Integration Capabilities

Our broad marketing integration capabilities ensures your customers will see the products and services they need wherever they are in their insurance or personal consumer loan journey. TruVise offers digital insurance tools that can be embedded in a wide range of technologies to allow customers to easily find and compare insurance quotes. Our integrated marketing solutions seamlessly connect with customers to deliver the right products at the right time.

Analyze Marketing Insights Using Comprehensive Data Analytics Tools

Use TruVise’s marketing analytics tools to track key metrics in customizable dashboard reports, as well as uncover existing customer insights to increase brand loyalty. With TruVise’s proprietary analytics tools, you can watch how we use data-driven insights to deliver personalized product recommendations to your customers. By leveraging our continual learning processes with our AI-driven customer segmentation tools, we can improve business outcomes and consistently build on previous findings to improve audience insights without disrupting current marketing campaigns.

Unlock The Marketing Potential In Your Customer Data Analytics With TruVise

Better serve your customers by meeting their insurance needs and unlock additional revenue potential with TruVise. With our proprietary marketing automation platform, we’ll ensure your customers see the products they need at the right moment in their buying journey. If you’re ready to make insurance products easier and more accessible to your valued customers, fill out our contact form today.

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