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The TruVise team is rooted in insurance, raised in technology

Your Trusted Advisor

At the heart of it, we are technologists that believe in the power of people. Why? Because for all the hype around direct-to-consumer offerings and minimizing people in the insurance buying process, the reality is that most consumers still want and need expert advice to guide them in the insurance buying journey. People matter.  

We observed that the advisors with the strongest customer relationships were also the least likely to have access to the sophisticated technology capabilities to appropriately compete in the digital age. It didn't seem fair.

We created to level the playing field by bringing trusted advisors the same digital edge (or better) previously only afforded by big insurance brands and carriers. We developed a way to bring advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital automation to consumers but applied with a more personal touch from the people they most trust. That is the difference that matters.

The winning model is a hybrid one in which technology (digital, data & analytics, etc.) is leveraged to enable more effective and efficient human-to-human interactions.
- March 2019
Adam Claypool
Adam Claypool

Former Insurance agent turned M&A, Software Venture Capitalist​

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Zach Skokan
Zach Skokan
Data Scientist

Expertise in data analytics;
math & algorithms

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Ryan Weldon
Ryan Weldon
Director of Marketing

Insurance Agency,
Digital Marketing, 
D2C + CX Experience

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