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Build Brand Appreciation with Embedded Insurance

Engaging your customers with digital insurance cross-sell opportunities creates a deeper relationship, building brand appreciation and strengthening loyalty of existing customers.

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Who Is TruVise?

Through Artificial Intelligence, we automate the process of segmenting customer data to deliver the right insurance product to the right customer at the right time. With our proactive, end-to-end marketing platform, our clients have access to a personalized and dynamic solution that builds customer satisfaction, enables cross sale opportunities, and builds in another revenue stream without the stress and cost to have or add more resources.

Key Benefits

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Safe & Secure

Data Communication to
Protect Customer Information and Your Reputation

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  • TruVise is GLBA and NAIC compliant

  • Data encryption and secure network hosted at AWS

  • Comprehensive information security program

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Digital Cross-Selling

Without the Added Cost of New Infrastructure and Resources 

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  • No distraction, resources, or loan officer sales required

  • Unlock the embedded value of your consumer data

  • Revenue model ensures alignment and high-quality consumer experience

  • High long-term customer value and retention

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AI Powered Analytics

Digital Customer Journey

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  • Give customers what they expect - digital engagement

  • High trust, high touch, high retention

  • Proprietary analytics

  • Life event propensity scoring

  • Data driven cross-sell identification

Give Your Customers More 

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I want a fully digital quote and application journey to complete from the comfort of my own home.

I am comfortable researching a product online. But when it comes to making a decision, I rely on my trusted advisor.

I only want to see products and services that are applicable to me right now.

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As an association that has been dedicated to serving member banks since 1887, we partnered with TruVise to offer a solution to help our banks transform data from stagnant information to revenue generation. The TruVise team delivers an end-to-end solution that is customer focused, compliance friendly, and integrates seamlessly with any bank brand. We couldn't be more excited about the future with TruVise helping us provide more value and innovation for our members.

Chad J. Ellsworth

President, Iowa Bankers Insurance & Services, Inc.

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The TruVise platform uses proprietary analytics to identify your customers who have a high propensity to purchase a specific insurance product. Product recommendations are made via a white-labeled, intelligent marketing engine.
Your Customer Relationships With Marketing Automation

People want digital solutions, but not everyone is ready to make a decision without seeking advice from a trusted expert. Together with our digital journey, we can give your customers the best of both worlds building the value of your relationship and strengthening brand appreciation.

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Right Solution
Right People
Right Time 



Your Customers



Existing Customer Segmentation With AI Audience Targeting

Ultimately, we all decide when we're ready to make a purchase. But there are consistent events that happen leading up to a customer making that decision. Our proprietary algorithm ensures your customers see the product they need at the moment they need it.

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See how TruVise’s analytics and marketing capabilities provide measurable insights to how your customers perceive your value and, therefore, their propensity to remain loyal, long term customers.
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